"Zaminan" is a story of Sitar of the Willows who believes that Ashland, her desolate home, could become beautiful again if only the people of Ashland understood why their country fell from grace. And because none of Sitar's kinsmen remember any longer the events that brought about Ashland's downfall, the girl must venture on a solitary journey across the world of Zaminan in search of the Southern Oracle, an ancient and mysterious being that is said to hold the memories of all deeds committed by man since the beginning of time.

In her quest, Sitar will overcome many obstacles. She will scale the Kalonkush Mountains; descend into the dungeons of the Warlocks of Dev's castle where, in the world's largest library, answers to the darkest secrets are guarded by a horde of fierce monsters; endure storms and fight pirates while journeying across the Sea of Moon, and decipher the riddle of King Ashour that has remained unsolved for 5000 years, all the while eluding the claws of a terrifying beast who, for reasons unknown to her, will follow the child of Ashalnd the entire length of her winding path.